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2810 E Washington Ave, Madison, WI 53704
Phone: 608-245-0404

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About Us

Mary and Nabil

The People's Bakery established on 1999 the older building use to be at same location and they use to call the place Go Nuts For Donuts. The owner was Michael Matty than, he started the business selling freshly baked donuts and pastry at the store front & wholesale. The recent owner, Nabil Elghadban and recent baker Antonio Perez employed by Michael. This place was known for the best, freshest and Kosher donuts. The People's Bakery supplied several establishments with wholesale donuts fresh baked every morning, they provided services to the University of Wisconsin Campus and couple of cafes. It was 2003 January 3rd, Michael Matty who is as busy as a bee, made a big decision and sold the business to the two of his employee's Nabil Elghadban and Mustafa who short after a month try to open a business his own. Since then lots of changes happened in the Peoples Bakery's world.

Nabil Elghadban has extensive experience in all aspects of restaurant and bakery, he started serving Mediterranean food in the festivals partnering with his friend Nasir in Taste of Madison, Taste of Beer and more, we were getting lots of request and demands to have a food at the bakery by then. Starting 2004 owner Nabil Elghadban and co-owner Mary Nikoyan start operating as a small family restaurant and bakery, two in one and call the place People's Bakery because it was the peoples’ choice, year after year award after award the place became one of the most talked small business in the area. For the best Gyros in Taste of Madison among 80 restaurants, the Peoples Bakery got 1st place, following years for the Best veggie Falafel sandwiches, back to back two years Peoples Bakery got an award 3rd place from Taste of Madison annual festivals, ever since we are use to getting awards for one of our fantastic items from menu.

When you walk in to Peoples Bakery, you might not realize first we have a small humble note hanging from the wall, the message says "People want to know how much you care, before they care how much you know" we stand for this phrase, we care first and action itself shows how much we know about the business, to get more information about our place and experience, talk to either Nabil or Mary, we are more than happy to provide you with the information about nutrition's and facts. We believe in word of mouth, one happy customer creates army of happy consumers. Peoples Bakery also got very high business ratings and consumer-review in several websites, blogs, and social networks. The Winner for Excellence in Customer Satisfaction Talk of the Town, on 2011 awarded People's Bakery one of the best small business nationwide, 2nd time around. It was also voted for the best hummus by Lebanese Community of Madison for 2011. We are proud to mention several articles wrote about Peoples Bakery and fantastic donuts, baklava and food, we didn't even know that we made it on Wisconsin State Journal on Square Meals section, randomly people walk in and they love the food and sweets, than they take a picture and posted on The Capital Times.

When you walk into the People's Bakery in the morning you get fresh coffee and roll, also owner's cheerful greetings, which shows we are happy to see you and serve the best we can. We should keep it short and sweet, we cannot write enough about Nabil's experience in this kind of business, he has 35 years of restaurant management under his belt, he owned a restaurant back home and Jordan, served the family of royals, which is very hard taste to satisfy. If you like to know more about this place don't hesitate to just walk in and check it out, you will be surprised how much and lots of varieties you can walk out of this place. We are glad to be in your service and happy dinning.

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Potraits at People's Bakery:

Potraits By Jean Brings

People's Bakery is a place to enjoy some potraits along with the delicious food. A local multi talented portrait artist Jean Brings originals are displayed at People's Bakery. They are potraits of ordinary people with extra ordinary talents. They are a symbol of Peoples Bakery and they represent our business. Jean is an artist that makes the impossible task easy. She made a portrait of grandma and her grandson together cozy picture, when she was passed and never got a chance to see her grandchild ever.


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